What on earth is DividendRocket?

DividendRocket.com is a free tool that helps you find high income stocks with online services that are easy and simple to use. Tracking down invest opportunities are never easy, but DividendRocket aims to make that process much more streamlined. We want to spread the word of investing for the long term, real value investing buy investing in great companies that provide and produce consistent income by the way of a dividend payment. Contrast to the short-termism of Wall Street or the investment community where everything is about fast money and dividends are hardly ever mentioned.

Locating income stocks requires income and patience and a lot of work. We take some of this stress away by helping you track down high income earning shares with our tools and prior researched dividend stock suggestions. We have dividend shares that are easily searchable and sortable - you can simply click on the column headers to sort shares by dividend yield for example, which is the percentage of your original investment that you are likely to get back in a year in the form of dividends.

There are well known companies out there offering more than 5% income per year with little or no work on your part! That's why we love dividends, because unlike property there are no properties to maintain and tennants to manage. With dividends, they are often paid regularly and there are some companies that pay a dividend up to 12 times a year - once a month which can be much often than most bank accounts. We think the benefits of dividends are clear, but we invite you to perform your own research and find stocks which suit your requirements.

DividendRocket Team

A bunch of savvy investment professionals who have been engaged in investing for personal gain. Importantly we invest our own money and put our own necks on the line in contrast to investment professionals who earn a fee for investing your money with no accountability. We use the tools here for our own benefit to help us find great dividend stocks so we decided to make this information public and help our fellow investors find dividend stocks too.

Who is DividendRocket for?

Increasingly, more individuals are taking more responsibility for their own future financial security. Whether you're investing for retirement or investing for income, you need to increasingly take more control over your own financial affairs. Dividend Rocket helps individuals find the right investment opportunities to achieve their monetary objectives with a range of tools that help individuals locate high income quality dividend stocks.

Many people have found investing in dividends has provided additional income and capital which beats almost all other forms of other investment such as property or leaving your money in the bank to fester. Why leave your money in the bank when investing in the shares of the same bank may yield ten times the income level of an investment account. There are blue chip household named companies paying over 5% a year.

Buying shares need not be expensive and investors can buy shares in a range of countries and markets for low cost individually without needing expensive and costly brokers. Online share dealing accounts such as Halifax I web share dealing allow international trades for as low as £5 per order. So on an order for £500 that is a one off fee of just 1%. Building your own portfolio is therefore do-able without incurring vast fees - like purchasing property and real-estate.